Electric Kush Sift 1g

Electric Kush Sift 1g


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norm 2019-07-18 01:17:32

like this option,potent,just don't use it in a breezy environment...

Supernatural1971 2019-01-23 04:13:17

Nice amount so fluffy sticky think its alive! it grows u get more after u smoke it! Better then kief similar if quad kief this sift better like it better in hash form but managed a few bts and wow Cheebas majic great Connections We all win I felt like Purple haze met panama Red thru in sum g13 Its wow great feeling Glowing yet focused like Panasonic slightly ahead of time Tried 3bts of 14 kinds in 14 hrs I will have hash hangover un am and luv 2 do it all over again! Great day night bonne nuit u can say that again another 14 variety order soon Cantwait hap 2019! Electric kush high 10 malleable not 4 me but sprinkle in use lowest grade weed u have nd bam adds taste and power u feel electric! Jolt cola is it solar power p lighitning? strains good 4 sure Try!

JJ 2019-01-04 05:04:31

I like it! Great in a bong.

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