G Code Bubble Hash
G Code Bubble Hash

G Code Bubble Hash


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Product Description

Spinkle some in whatever you want to make better, it's like magic bubble hash dust for joints, bong and pretty much wahtever you can think of. Slight note of gas and blueberry on this potent mostly 120 micron unpreessed bubble hash.



Kari 2019-11-06 01:50:55

I liked this one a lot. Similar to Mixed Indica Bubble Hash that was around a little while ago. A touch more mild and priced cheaper than it's counterpart, this has is still very potent and great bang for the buck. Comes in small pieces that aren't sticky, very easy to roll up. Good flavor and voluminous, you can easily do 3 joints with a gram. This will be among my regulars as long as it's available.

Supernatural1971 2019-11-01 10:34:00

Got sum BTs Rest in pipe. I liked the mixed Pink slightly better but its good high if your a Rub, Kief Bubble# fan u will like this G- code I mixed with shatter 7 dipped in Co2 freezer distilled oil xtra Wham Bam!Make your own style of moonrocks Fun & HIGH AF

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