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One of the most sought after strains has made it's way to Cheebas. Gelato, a sativa dominant strain from Cookie Fam Genetics is a potent AF cross of GSC Thin mints and Sunset Sherbet. Another Bay area California killer strain. If you get anxiety from high THC strains or sativas don't agree with you, it is probably best you stay away from this one. Gealto users say it produces a heavy handed punch of euphoria almost unmatched by any other strain. A note of caution, our fearless leader at the office decided to sample this one late one night, long story short he was awake for hours longer than expected and wasn't a happy camper for the morning shift the following day. A heavy hitter in both price and potency this unique flower is a must try for cannabis enthusiasts. 



Clinton Connor 2019-09-25 10:35:29

Taste was great but definitely not worth a 90q if it was 70 a quarter I’d buy again

tuhl 2019-06-07 11:29:11

I don't smoke every day but I prefer pretty strong weed. This is, for me, the best stuff ever. A few pulls off the vaporizor and I'm good for hours. Very enjoyable and uplifting.

Nate 2019-06-03 09:00:22

This stuff is ****ed lol. As described, it's a different kind of high, everything slows down a lot and the buzz is intense. It will put you in a dark place if you have too much, never smoke before bed, you'll be up all night, trust me. Only for the experienced smoker.

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