High Grade - Diamonds - Gorilla Glue
High Grade - Diamonds - Gorilla Glue

High Grade - Diamonds - Gorilla Glue

High Grade

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Product Description

The concentrates High Grade produces vary in viscosity, texture, and profile. What remains constant is the loyal following of High Grade smokers. Many people say High Grade makes the best cannabis concentrates they have ever consumed.

While HTFSE is a heavy hitter all on its own, you can take things to the next level with HTFSCE — crystallized extract. Specifically these crystals are THCa crystals (note the letter ‘a’ there!), also known as THC diamonds among aficionados. THCa crystals are formed naturally by the cannabis plant, and is typically converted to plain old THC by the heat of extraction, smoking or vaping. But the original form of THCa is a worthy cannabis component on its own, with some unique properties.

The heatless full-spectrum extraction of HTFSCE preserves the cannabis’s natural THCa crystals, and the thick, flavourful and potent resin/sauce helps slow their decarboxylation (conversion to THC) at room temperature, so you can get the full enjoyment of the crystals in whatever way you choose to consume them. (Some people like to keep these concentrates in the fridge to preserve the terpenes)

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