Isreali Blonde Hash

Isreali Blonde Hash


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Mazel Tov!


The Schwartz was used in the making of this hash. What's the Schwartz? MERCHANDISING! (Space Balls reference for the win!)


The texture looks different than the usual hash bricks we come across. If regular hash looks a bit like wood, this stuff looks like particle board. Alsmost like pressed kief. I know that's basically what hash is, but it difference is noticeable.

The smoke was legit, all testers gave it the stoned nod you do when you take a big hit.




Will 2019-03-15 02:02:44

Like some of the other reviews I would call this pressed kief. It smells like bud tastes like bud to me but a small amount will do the trick and the effects are great

Supernatural1971 2019-02-18 06:46:34

Great Kief !& I have had El Jefe kief! This is most likely Kosher Kush 29% THC Indica x Pink Sedamen 24% THC Israel pink Kush. Effects 9 strong bts 6 burns shatter quick! Joint 10 pipe 9 crown & corner bong 8 hot knife 7 imagine strong edibles! Highly recommend! Effects in zone, compassionate yet lifted! Reorder: liking this glow like it says u get a good toke passing a Jay Heere sound. Friend liked it said she felt AAA Jack Hare 19%THC x De La Haze 27% THC she vapes dabs & plays guess the strain(s) both agree this hash over 30%THC hits like a hybrid

Lucidcat 2019-02-01 11:20:42

Five stars, I'd give it more if I could. Used it in the vape, very smooth, sweet flavour. Great strain for being active or sitting on the couch, playing video games, hanging out with friends etc. Great buzz, but felt really clear headed.

JohnnyBlaze 2019-01-07 05:33:40

I am going to give this "press" a 2. It smells like fresh buds. Green and very powdery, almost like the bottom of a grinder. Not interested in all. burns clean and tastes ok, but then again, so does the bottom of my grinder lol I much prefer the solid and gummy texture. For those of you who smoke bongs etc, my neighbor likes it and says its smooth. Doesn't taste like sweat......though it does have a sweet taste. :P so 2/5 for old schoolers and 3.5/5 for the new kids with their fancy bong apparatuses

Mo 2019-01-07 03:46:12

Great sweat taste great head buzz not the best looking but works great love it

Mo 2019-01-07 03:46:10

Great sweat taste great head buzz not the best looking but works great love it

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