Ketama Gold Hash
Ketama Gold Hash

Ketama Gold Hash


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Imported from a famous region of Ketema Moroccco this is an old school favourite. 



Dreadnaught 2019-10-02 03:00:29

Good hash this. Like the taste and get a super head high with my temples tingling! Good job providing this one Cheeba's.

Stash 2019-09-28 06:44:23

LOLOL... "not real moroccan it's made from marijuana" what does that even mean... smoke another one Cham. It's a nice somewhat crumbly hash, strong and burns white.

Cham 2019-09-27 05:15:06

Not real moroccan it's from marijuana

Supernatural1971 2019-09-09 01:04:38

Great fresh smooth potent taste! 10+ High 9.8 looks 8,24 k Smokes 7,5 BT Recommend & Reorder top 10 hash all time spot # 9 on my 77 list & counting! Very good Morocco product. old skewl product for a long time Its Golden! 10 for joints & crowning bowls

Happy stoner 2019-09-04 12:36:07

Really liked this one! Tastes great and everyone thats tried it loves the buzz as well! I have 8 orders on my history list and been very happy with everything i have tried here! Thanks again cheebas!

Chia 2019-06-29 02:24:18


Susan H 2019-06-26 08:14:09

I really liked this nice flavour, not harsh on your throat. Crumbles really easily. lasts a long time. Would buy again

Kimmie 2019-06-13 11:48:37

Absolutely loved this pressed keif hash.. Nice topper for my hash pipe, I like to top this on either the camel stamped hash or blueberry..

Kari 2019-06-10 08:30:51

I enjoyed the flavor of this hash quite a lot. It's strength is good.

zopep 2019-06-08 03:31:27

This has a very pleasant sweet taste , crumbles very easily so be careful taking it out , almost turns into kief , long lasting potent high , what was I talking about ??? Thanks Cheebas , one of my favs by far .

Sean 2019-06-03 04:14:10

Amazing hash!

Chappy 2019-06-01 02:56:07

Great tasting hash with a nice head and body stone. Reminds me of the blond hash I use to smoke in high school.

Mauzberg 2019-05-26 01:41:35

Old school hash good looks taste and smell deep body stone and great mind high good in a joint

CanadianMetalFan 2019-05-24 02:55:36

Tastes like lemon and black pepper! Reorder! Reorder! Can't get enough of this!

Big Chris 2019-05-14 05:55:35

Like this blonde tons. Love the taste, the high and it burns great. Recommend to buy for sure.

Kitty Bong 2019-05-05 12:32:29

Thank you Cheebas for this great smoke, and thanks Supernatural1971 for the heads up on this. Very smooth, burns quick into a nice little ash, only a little piece required and then bliss! Very relaxed, I used this before bed and drifted off to a very comfortable sleep, no grogginess in the morning either. Also found I was more into tactile stuff lol loved everything that was soft.

Capt Watty 2019-05-03 11:03:17

awesome Blonde hash, highly recommended. try blending it with the Mazar for some real fun,

CanadianMetalFan 2019-04-29 09:59:31

Update: For those with insomnia 2 or 3 blasts off the old glass pipe just before bed will settle you down into a nice, relaxing sleep. No after effects the next morning like pills and crap. Will order this again, quality medicine for sure. 💘 💘 💘

Supernatural1971 2019-04-29 06:46:37

Best blonde yet! Chasing her since 2015! In Montreal it was cheaper to get a BJ, oh la la la Great count, Its crumbly hard BTs well 9 Taste 10 like sift hash, smooth yet strong! Effects 10 made me stupid, fast, Content, thoughtful, Dreamy hash! Go on vacay but not move a muscle! JROC Totally agree even if we didn't down in the park lol CMF I am envious of extra 1.22g lol Happy for u! Rock on! You reviewed on 420 xtra bonus! Kitty Bong you must order this! Sawi 0 chocolate 4 u in Chocolope, but the review of yours on blueberry flav hash gave me confidence to buy! TY return favor Buy This!!! Guess 39% THC In late 80s b happy with green M maybe it was 19% THC piney. Ketama awesome! B ur Fav 2!

CanadianMetalFan 2019-04-20 01:47:55

Bought 2 grams of this which weighed in at a hefty 3.22 grams! Like the weight there! Initially I thought it was the Moroccan Blonde Hash, but after breaking it up I could see it was different. Loving the Moroccans! This is a tasty smoke, nice and heavy and spicy. Doesn't work so well with hot knives, but burns nice and slow and hot in my glass pipe. THC envelopes you in her warm embrace. A lovely hash. 5 stars all the way Cheebas!!

JROC 2019-04-16 09:55:23

Holy Smokes!! This Ketama Blonde is one dirty girl. She tastes outstanding and puts you in another world. Taste, flavour, smell and buzz is all top notch in my opinion. Nice and smooth on the lungs and she kisses you on the forehead for a good night’s sleep. Thanks Cheeba’s! I think sheez my new favourite hash.

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