Lemon Violator
Lemon Violator
Lemon Violator

Lemon Violator


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Product Description

Lemon Violator as the name suggests is a cross between Violator Kush and Lemon haze. The sweet citrus aroma with a hint of gas makes for a delightful hybrid strain, The effects come on quickly in the head and body and we found this strain didn't have much couch lock potential so it would likely be a good strain for just about anything besides sleeping. 



Jesse Flohr 2019-09-08 10:14:49

Love the smell of this stuff when you grind it up,Has a nice citrus smell as well citrus notes upon vaping it in the mighty!!!I find this weed is great for taking the edge off and could be used at any point of the day,A well balanced hybrid right here...Plus you can never go wrong with anything that’s crossed with the violator strain...

Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 06:08:04

Great batch lemon V High 9 looks 8 price 10 Left the right amount of caked sugar leaf on, Glad someone knows the grow! Hang by roots dry cured 3 week minimum Sour & tangy on the tongue Recommend & reorder when I want to be up & spaced out Fun Combo Half baked special with Frieds no Coke or coke zero, prefer cherr

GiganticBluntsNsheet 2019-07-28 02:22:12

I swear to dog I used to buy this exact weed in Port Alberni circa 2003. Definitely a west coast bag.

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