• Rolling Stones Hash

Rolling Stones Hash


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Our apologies if this hash slab looks like Keith Richards' face, but the vac seal, like time, did no favours for the photoshoot.



AMunro2019-03-25 06:26:48

This is one of the best I've smoked in long time quality is like 8.5 it is well worth the money got 14 g and I'm getting more.

Trailman2019-03-17 01:46:05

Pretty popular hash and it does have a nice texture. I do find its just a bit short of a great tasting hash, but the end results are still good.

tropbovin2019-02-28 06:29:22

Great product. Very hard. Nice texture, nice smell and nice taste. Good body buzz. Can't say anything about what it was in the 80s, but I do know this one looks imported, since it reminds me of the black hashes you can buy in Amsterdam.

v1v3k2019-02-14 08:17:10

Thumbs Down

Supernatural19712019-01-23 11:05:16

Start me up! make a grown man cry. its my emotional rescue undercover of the night between a rock& hard place with a rainbow in her hair on ruby Tuesday just gimme shelter lol Taste 10 unique after taste lingers Bts 9 0 cough appreciate it ty! smells nice lingers after toked! Steel wheels has anybody scene my baby cuz thers sum Puerto rican girls dying 2 meet u This hash has the moves like Jagger! Reorder in my top 10 of 30yrs # smokin Order it Johnny Blaze u will enjoy nhl 19 even more and Jesus Christ review this Classic HOF Sheesh! $12 g in bulk sweet music Wild horses aka herion cudnt drag me away from Cheebas. but my gf cud lol The buzz is super fun like I Want from hash checks all boxes ty Cheebas where ur not just another customer ur a friend and a confident community Shop with confidence Stress hassel free delivery start 2 finish Love BC Vancouver Go Canucks bring back Grizzlers and heyhey hehhe Get off my cloud

ChumMTL2019-01-10 11:40:12

First time I bought Hash on Cheebas and this one is reaaaaaaally good. Its very sticky and its a has like a ground or forest smell, its not too strong but just enough. It smell like the old time hash my parents used to smoke in the 70s-80s. The high isnt too strong, it has a nice feeling and youre not knocked out on your couch. You can still get shit done afterwards. The smoke is really thicc and smooth. This hash is not rough, not at all actually. I could smoke this all day with no worries of getting too high lol. Overall this is a solid 5/5. I smoke it with a cigarette with a glass bottle, like hot knives put in a kinda pipe. Its awesome, it feels good and it get u all relaxed. Would definetly recommend to anyone who loves hash. I will buy that one again with a bit of green. This is some some A1 quality for real. Big shoutout and a lot of love from your fellow quebecers from Montreal. CRISS DE BON BRUN MON CHUM #OUIMESSIEU

Jesse Flohr2018-12-25 11:06:53

The high wasn’t intense but it was there u could definitely feel it,I would recommend this as an amazing daytime hash for those who need to get stuff done,I did some hot knifes with it and noticed my back and neck pains went bye bye...Slighty gave me the munchies as well,The looks on this Hash was a 9/10 it’s very sticky And dense and easy to play with like putty...The smoke was smooth as heck and thick like a dragons breathe,Omg the smell it’s not super intense but it’s a beautiful aroma,This is Amazing hash right here,A must have in your arsenal if your an oldschool hash head like myself,If you looking for fire hash with a mid tier high for a high tolerance user then this is your!!!GO TO GEAR RIGHT HERE!!!Peace&Harmony!!!

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