Romulan - Indica

Romulan - Indica

Indoor BC Bud- Romulan 17% THC

Buy Good Bud on the Cheap at Cheeba's

Now we don't go around peddling weak dank. It's not how we roll, but this stuff is priced right and will get you as baked as you want to be. Sure, it may take an extra toke, but don't yu already do that?

Want to save some cash and still smoke good weed? Then buy this Romulan and you'll get a good high at a great price

We don't really do the 'quah', 'trip', or whaever the hell is the latest marketing trend. We follow a simple rule: sell no bunk. Our strains are all legit, and this Romulan makes the cut.

Heavy, stony, classic indica high. The only heavy machinery you should operate is a remote control.

Potency InDaCouch...very relaxing sure to make any pains go away
Strain Type Indica
Smell Earthy, woody, Dank!
Helps Best for pain relief caused by cancer treatments, Chemotherapy, severe medical ailments

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  • Availability: In Stock
  • $9.50
  • 3 grams or more $7.00
  • 7 grams or more $6.50
  • 14 grams or more $6.00
  • 28 grams or more $5.50

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