Shatter Hash
Shatter Hash
Shatter Hash

Shatter Hash


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This the frankenstein creation of the hash maker... he thought, why not add some shatter to the mix here. Made the same way he typically does the hash with the kief and bottom buds but with the addition of shatter. Smokes well in a pipe or bong.. The guy on the couch grinded it up with some cannabis half and half and it seemed to blow his mind.



Happy stoner 2019-12-10 08:09:14

Very unique hash indeed! First time seeing it anywhere myself, so had to try it and god dang glad i did! Lmao a bit on the hard side which "kinda makes sense"but the shatter rush thats kicks ya in the melon makes time stand still! Thank you cheebas!

Supernatural1971 2019-12-10 03:36:16

Bought 7g & glad I did! May buy more, half or Oz $280 top weed prices! Burns & looks for price 10 Pipe 10 Effects 10 Very Creative, fast acting HIGH! 7.77 for taste smooth inhale Not harsh But powerful give exhale quick coughYou had me @ Frankenstien & Really had me @ Shatter Great Idea! Guess its a mix of Hybrid shatter THC must b 46% THC overall Mid-tier Hash+ Strong shatter Enjoy the Ride! Bloodshot eyes & Dryer mouth then the desert Love it BIG MAC $3 2nite!

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