Shishkaberry - Indica

Shishkaberry - Indica

Buy Shishkaberry and Melt Like Wax!

The Best Strain for Relaxation

Good thing this strain is spelt fo-net-tick-lee because when I first smoked it I wanted to remember what the hell it was.  The timing couldn't have been better, a batch of 'kish came in the door to sample and write up just as I pinched a nerve in my back.

I load it up in my 16" bong. She's legit, but not massive. A fresh bowl of 'kish and i take a full hoot. 2 second hold and a cloud of smoke rises up thru the carport.

It's a newish classic strain that is great as a medicinal marijuana strain, you can feel the physically therapeutic effects of Shishkaberry.

I'm too tired from smoking this shit to write a clever write up. You know the strain, it's a good harvest, and the price is right. Cheeba's for the win!

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