Space Jam Hash

Space Jam Hash


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Parents Alien OG and Tangie join forces to make this amazing indica hash Space Jam. We are downloading the movie as we speak so we can smoke some with Bill Murray and Michael Jordan tonight. Effects comes on quick andf are fairly long lasting, we found although sapce jam is an idica strain it certainly had a more hybrid like feel to it. The high is strong without being overly sedating.



eazyd 2019-11-05 02:55:55

Strong taste, taste more like weed then hash. Very potent too and it burn quicker then most hash i get from cheebas so you get huge hit from it that fuck you up. Another great buy!!

Supernatural1971 2019-10-21 11:11:53

Cheebas review is 100% Accurate! Made me super hungry for sweet & sour meatballs! Taste the Tangie Sativa hit with Alien OG IND buzz! Amazing the nice looking piece like Oreo crumble MMM 10 Its FUN!, #12 in a now 93 Legit Different hashes! Buy! Smooth yet Potent Head & body. Perfect combo! Love it! Guessing 44.2 % THC 50/50 Hybrid stone! Great anytime for anything Great Job! TY! Good to be alive Hash!

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