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Tesla Hash


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The last of the afghani imports we just received is this Tesla hash. We have yet to try it, It's been a long day of hash sampling but will update the review when we have.


Supernatural1971 2019-04-29 12:22:23

T-man was spot on, the taste decent 6 but high 9 heady, Happy, Fun lite body 29%+ guess Monster truck x Eran Alnog Recommend High more important flavor! Smokes 9 Picks up 10 BT 10 I rec 1 sweet chunk! TY! Giving it 5* for Buzz 90 mins! must try for full high feeling like u smoked a great hybrid weed buzz Reorder! Try Cheebas looking forward on your take in a review Great Afghani potency! smooth exhale Taste similar to Nuken? 0 side effects 0 nice calm come down! Afternoon Hash! 420 Always clean primo products @ Cheebas! many thanks!

Trailman 2019-04-19 11:59:35

This black might not taste as good as the other great black hash on this site but it sure does pack a good punch. It is fresh and can be manipulated easy. Any loose crumbs can be pressed back in your chunk.

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