Weed Sugar 1000mg THC

Weed Sugar 1000mg THC


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Product Description

Want to custom make your own cannabis infused edibles or treats? This extra strength infused sugar contains 1000mg THC per bag. It can be used as a replacement for regular sugar in baking, coffee, teas and on fruit. You can make your own great tasting edibles at home without the mess and hassle.You've just discovered EZ Baked Weed Sugar!! Custom make your own edibles with this cannabis infused sugar. Delicate and delicious tasting, EZ Baked Weed Sugar is a must have for every edible lovers kitchen! You have the control, you choose the strength! Perfect for micro or extra strength dosing. All our products are made from full spectrum, organic, LSO cannabis. Each package contains 1000 mg THC. Medicate your friends and family the EZ Baked way!!



TimmyT 2019-10-08 03:25:12

Great addition to my morning coffee.. boss doesn't even know I've got a buzz on!

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