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Buy Hybrid Online

Buy Hybrid Online

Hybrid cannabis strains provide the best of both worlds. Expert breeders select the top sativa and indica strains and combine them into super strains that maintain the best aspects from both parents. Hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant and have the effects to match.

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Lemon Sour Diesel for Sale...not that LSD...A rockin' hybrid that'll make you feel stupid for 3 hour..

From $ 8.00

Skywalker - Indica Hybrid

MY NEW FAVORITE INDICABuy Skywalker Before it's Gone!This Kkywalker is that new strain we came acros..

From $ 6.50

Wifi (White Fire OG) Hybrid

Cheeba's Has Some Wicked Wifi White Fire OG for SaleBeautiful Harvest, Our New Fav Strain!Oh yeah, h..

From $ 8.00

1/2 Oz. Ice Wreck Sativa Hybrid

New Sativa Hybrid Weed for sale in Canada - Ice WreckCheeba's is proud to carry this instant classic..

$126.00 $75.00

Black Nukem - Hybrid

New Hybrid Alert! After smoking a tester bowl, I noticed an upbeat sativa effect first. it's not hyp..

From $ 8.00

Chiesel - Hybrid - 1 OZ

Chiesel Strain For Sale at Cheeba's28 grams of a dank hybrid- you'll love Chiesel!Cheese x Diesel = ..

$238.00 $145.00

Locomotion - Hybrid

Locomotion Strain for Sale Online Buy Locomotion Weed for a Potent IndicaSorry about the SEO titles...

From $ 7.00

Night hawk - Indica

Buy Heavy Nighttime Strain at Cheeba'sNight Hawk will help you SleepThe dark green and purple buds a..

From $ 8.50

Silver Skunk- Indica

SIlver Skunk Delivers a Wild Cerebral High Great for a night in! Try it now!Silver Skunk is a non-co..

From $ 6.00

White Castle - Bluesky Organics

Buy Bluesky Organic Marijuana Online here!Cheeba's is proud to offer our clients the finest organica..

From $ 6.50

Duke Nukem - Hybrid

Duke Nukem is Here at Cheeba's!Fresh Harvest of Cerebral Sativa for sale Looking to buy sativa c..

From $ 7.00

G-13 - Indica Hybrid

Buy Potent Weed Online in CanadaG-13 Packs 22% THC and a Conspiracy TheoryNow I don't pack orders wi..

From $ 7.50

Animal Cookies - Hybrid

Animal Cookies for Sale Online at Cheeba's!Animal Cookies is the product of breeding between legenda..

From $ 6.00

Chiesel - Hybrid

Chiesel Strain For Sale at Cheeba'sCheese x Diesel = a fun new strain!This batch has that danky sm..

From $ 7.50

Girl Scout Cookies- Hybrid

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online in Canada here!This new batch of GSC is some top shelf shit! Whatever ..

From $ 5.50