Buy Indica Online

Buy Indica Online

Indica marijuana generally has a higher CBD content than sativas. While there is THC found in Indica, there is a more balanced ratio between the compounds, THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of dried marijuana; this is present in the form of relaxing and happy feelings. The CBD is what’s to blame for falling asleep or ‘couch lock’ after smoking. CBD relaxes the body and sets in shortly after the THC and the two play great together. 


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Indica Weed Information

If you ever get confused, Indica = In Da Couch!

Indica is the strain that is responsible for the sedative, dopey high that’s perfect for nighttime use. It’s the more common variety, which is largely due to the fact that it’s perfect for indoor growing. 

The plants grow short and bushy, with large colas or flowers densely packed together. They take less time to mature, so growers can get more harvests in per year. Additionally, the leaves are much wider and indices are notorious for that musky, dank odour. 

Much like sativas, there are countless Indica Hybrids on the market. By taking an indica plant, and incorporating a sativa father to pollinate, you create a new strain that is 50% of each parent. By blending strains like this, new more potent weed is created. 

Today, you can find anything from 90% to 10% Indica. There are also hybrids that are purely Indica, just mixed between strains of the same family. Even within the Indica family there are many different effects produced from different flowers. Some Indica will be introspective, others knock-out, and others make everything hilarious. 

Smoke Indica in the evenings, it is a great way to enjoy a movie and drift off nicely to sleep.