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Ahhh flower! The Aphrodite to our high desires. Our siren since the stone age. Taking our problems and pushing them to tomorrow long before Netflix. The one we always come back to. She is our smoky mistress and the ever-faithful original. I’m no Edgar Allen Poe but that was pretty damn good!

Here at Cheebas we realize that cannabis flower will always be your number one, and because of that she’s our number one too. Delivering you the best mail order cannabis to ever fill your buzz craving lungs. From high-grade quads to exotic crosses you’ve never heard of.

Cheebas is your fast and easy, one-stop-shop for all your wildest weed cravings. All our products are sourced locally from premium, quality, and organic growers here in BC. From Sativas to Indicas, and all crosses in between, Cheebas is the best place to buy bud online.

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