Citrus Haze

Citrus Haze


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A Sativa Dominant hybrid that's great for a workable buzz.

Delicious medium strength daytime smoke

It won't turn you into Simple Jack- you'll be able to do something creative and keep your head in the game. For the most part.


Lemon Haze x Citrus Sunshine



Citrus Haze is great for a stoner who wants a decent daytime smoke that you can still work with; or if you're a novice smoker, this is enough sativa for you



Jf well 2019-05-09 09:29:02

This strain have the best citrus taste on par with lemon skunk! The smell is incredible too! It got on top of list of sativas after 18 years of smoking so I can't even explain how perfect is this strain. Its not too heavy, but will make you happy. It wont get you sedated so its a great daytime strain for when you need that extra motivation! And at this price its a steal! Great job on your website update cheebas ! Looks great!

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