CO2 Oil Refillable Vape Pen Pink Bubba Rockstar Shhh

CO2 Oil Refillable Vape Pen Pink Bubba Rockstar Shhh


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Product Description

Shhhh Brand Refillable Vape Pen For Sale

CO2 Bubba Pink/Rockstar Mix 77.6% THC

Except for hand-bar and beer, I like to mix. With weed of all stripes- CO2 oil included- the high is different, and a bit stronger than if you smoked only 1 of the strains solo.

This hybrid will leave you stoned, and just as you'd expect, a you'll feel higher than the Bubba Pink and more energetic. Not much more energetic, you won't want to take this on a hike, but it works perfect for after.

While the numbers may not be as high as the Rockstar by itself, the experience is a bit different, so if you've tried Rockstar in the past, buy this Bubba Pink/Rockstar.

These Shhh pens are great, the CO2 oil is potent as hell, and its a cleaner hit than shatter.

The tips are for sale separate and can be filled by the user with another vape-friendly concentrate.

When more expensive pens come around, they tend to make the process complicated. We've seen blinking lights, coloured lights, all sorts of combinations that have done nothing but confuse me before I figured out how to hit it. Not these guys, easy and effective.

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