• Death Bubba  Indica

Death Bubba Indica


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Death Bubba in stock now at Cheeba's!

Now this batch is one of those that screams 'BUY ME!' The nose is amazing, the buds are the perfect density and look- you'll notice the quality when you're smoking it.

There are good harvests and bad; and when an experienced growers make a good harvest, we buy as much as we can. You're welcome.

This is a hard strain to come across as the plant is tricky to grow. These guys are usually lanky and don't produce much flower per plant. Growers don't often bother with Death Bubba, as other weed can give them i higher yield.

Give this cannabis strain a chance, it will rock your socks off! A real heavy-hitter that you could watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy with.

At first smoke, you start off right with an uplifting motivated high that leaves you very aware (more than aware of how stoned you just became). Stage 2 sends you off to an introspective, psychoactive state that’s perfect for a movie. Get ready to pass out during the credits, cause Death Bubba gets it’s name from the coma-like sleep that ends your journey. Be sure to have a coffee in the morning, you might be a bit groggy.

Clients have reported that there is a nice energetic head high that lasts for around an hour before the heavy couch lock sets in.

Buy this weed if you're lookin' for a good time!



Cliff2018-12-31 11:09:54

Awesome!!!. From the time I snipped the outer sealed bag, it BEGAN!. The smell was amazing and took but 30 sec. for the smell to linger through the house(don't buy this and try to be discrete!, the smell will go through the walls!!!!). I rolled one up and the taste and smell was exactly what I love!!!, with a double punch to the face!. This to me is one of, or the best weed I have ever smoked. I rate this at a 5/5 but should be a 5+/5.

Brandon2018-12-19 05:37:46

Reminded me of high school smoking days. Tasted like something we simply called hash plant. Good buzz and then couchlocked.

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