HoG Shatter Snoop Dogg Kush

HoG Shatter Snoop Dogg Kush


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Blaze it up! Of course this guy has a strain named after him...

Buy Snoop Dogg Kush Shatter at Cheeba's!


This former N.W.A. has diversified his portfolio to include cooking shows with convicted criminals, designing Cadillacs, clothes, pipes, bongs, coaching football teams...what can't this guy do?!?Oh, and his name sake will get you fully blasted.


Yep, try Snoop Dogg kush for the nostalgia of pumping extremely misogynistic gangsta rap out of the 4 x 10" subs in the back of your lowered S10.



House of Glass Extracts is an exciting BC-based manufacturing company with great reviews, service, and products! Definately going to be hearing a lot more about these guys...


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