1/2 Oz. Ice Wreck Sativa Hybrid

-40% 1/2 Oz. Ice Wreck Sativa Hybrid

New Sativa Hybrid Weed for sale in Canada - Ice Wreck

Cheeba's is proud to carry this instant classic- Trainwreck x Ice Hybrid

Get a quarter, it's the new eighth.

Ice Wreck is one to look out for! You can really feel the mind-bending effects of the sativa bred into it's lineage. Coupled with the heavy Indica-buzz in Ice, this weed means business!

You can taste the lemon and pine from her parent Trainwreck, Ice Wreck has a nice smooth taste and finish. Lots of crystals, orange hairs and purple can be seen throughout the buds, it's almost a shame to bust it up.

The high is very dynamic that will let you enjoy a movie or do chores. I wouldn't recommend operating heavy machinery, this strain in potent! Buy strong sativa hybrids for the soaring head high and the sedative body effects of an indica.

Buy Ice Wreck if you want to impress stoners, the big dense buds and dank smell will win over anyone!

Potency Very cerebral high, energetic
Strain Type Hybrid 75% Sativa / 25% Indica
Smell Earthy, sweet, pungent
Helps The uplifting high helps a bad day

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