K Bombs  Indica Hybrid

K Bombs Indica Hybrid


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Product Description

New Hybrid Strain for Sale with High THC - 19%

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Oh yeah! This beaut is all upside- great mental rush of creativity at first, then a full body high after about an hour. The burnout is alright, you’ll need another round after a couple hours and you’ll be right back in the mood to chill.

This strain could be a new go-to…like Rockstar is for me, K Bombs could make a nice stand-in. Hard to find, but a trusted grower started putting Kush Bombs in his garden, so we’ll be seeing more of it!

Buy Kush Bomb weed for a potent hybrid at a good price online in Canada.

Great nose! The smell is so dank, you’ll fall in love every time you open the bag. Classic kush green with almost red hairs and covered in a blanket of trichomes. Citrus smell for sure…I keep putting my head in the bag, it’s almost as good as bacon on the grill!

You won’t be feelin’ no pain after hitting this. A perfect example of the best BC bud you can find online. Cheeba’s has you covered for the best quality marijuana at real low prices…especially when you buy in bulk!


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