Lamb's Bread - Sativa

Lamb's Bread -  Sativa

Lamb's Bread, Who Names This Stuff!?!

Whatever, it's a strong, euphoric Sativa

I don't care where the name came from, I want to meet the grower and give them a hug! Damn this stuff is good!

The high is textbook sativa; energetic, euphoric, creative and overall happy- this strain is the one to buy to help depression without a heavy indica locking you to the couch.

Buy Lamb's bread for a happy sativa to help medicate depression during the day.

The high isn't overpowering in that 'i'm too high' sort of way. Expect to be able to do daily functions, just in a more relaxed mood. Not the strain to smoke at night- there's no couch-locking effects here.

Potency Very euphoric cerebral high
Strain Type Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Smell Classic Kushy taste, sweet; earthy, pine smell
Helps Animal Cookies may provide relief from stress, ADD, ADHD, and pain.Beware the cottonmouth!

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  • $11.00
  • 3 grams or more $10.00
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  • 28 grams or more $7.50

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