I'm Spoiled

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As you can imagine, doing this gig has it’s perks. The samples. Oh the samples! Each new product that comes our way first comes with a price list and a sample gram- that includes the Live Resin and Diamonds.

I just finished testing out the High Grade Diamond stuff, and it’s impressive. Now I know the cost is borderline outrageous, but the high is incredible. It lasts way longer than bud or even shatter, and the taste is delicious.

The Live Resin was a blast too. I did notice a step up in quality when comparing the two, but the price factor brings one clear winner for me- Live Resin.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could afford Diamonds all day, I’d smoke’em all day. but that’s as much as cocaine (so I’m told), which makes it not realistic in my world. Believe me, selling weed online seems like huge profit margins, but like everything else- the grass is always greener.  That’s a pun, son!

So, now my free samples of super-rich extract shit is gone, and it’s back to the bong. Old faithful has been the method of choice for me for years now. I like to go 0-100 in 2 seconds flat. Don’t get me wrong, joints are great, but if I wanna get blasted, the Bong it is!

And I gotta tell ya, bud loaded up in a clean bong is still the best in my eyes! I’m smoking shit 10x more expensive (and you do notice a difference) but great weed is still the Champ in my books.

I notice a difference in the high depending on what I’m using. Pipe, Bong, Volcano, Pen, they’re all different. And to me, it’s the classic flower-thru-water system that wins every time. The high is more powerful, you use less, it smells less, less tar and plant material in your lungs, and you can still taste the flavours. I know joints are king for aroma and taste, but don’t count out a fresh water bong.

All in all, Saturdays were meant for product testing. You’ll be happy to know, everything passed with flying colours.

To me, finishing off a $110/gram jar of Rarest Orange Cookies with a bowl of fresh Girl Scout Cookies is the tits.

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