Mail Order Marijuana in Ontario

Posted by admin 21/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

With the recent announcements from Ontario concerning legalized recreational marijuana, consumers are still turning to the internet. It’s a trend the regulators are trying to contend with, as large corporations are trying to protect their investment.

The public does not have the corporations’ interest in mind, and nor should they. The bottom line will always come down to what is best for the consumer will be implemented because that’s what the consumer wants. McDonalds would have already turned to robots and self-ordering if we let them,

The internet is the best method for ordering marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. There is lots of smokers in Ontario, and Cheeba’s is happy to service them :) When buying weed online in Ontario, expect a 3-4 delivery wait. Most online dispensaries are based in BC, as 70% of Canada’s weed is grown out West, it makes sense that’s where the dispensaries are located.

Toronto and the GTA just can’t get enough chronic. There’s lots of medicinal users who want to buy high quality medicinal marijuana, and they know BC is the place with the best stuff. For everyone buying weed online from Ontario, place your orders no later than Tuesday to make sure your weed gets there before the weekend. No one likes smoking roaches on a Saturday…

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