MK Ultra- Indica

MK Ultra- Indica

Heavy MKU For Sale Online in Canada

Great yield of super potent Indica- 21% THC

Everyone will know you're stoned when you smoke this. Fair warning to those who get paranoid when they smoke. If you're out in public after smoking a joint of this stuff- yes, everyone sees you and knows you're high. And why do you keep moving your hands so much?

MK Ultra is a name that growers use to call miscellaneous stuff. It's a good code word and sounds cool. But that cheapens a legit strain. One of those red-eyed dopey-ass, goofy smokes that gives a classic STONED high that's perfect for a movie.This batch we received is beautiful, dark purples, greens, and orange hairs are covered in frosting.

Small buds for the most part; which I think is better, there's less stem, more flower tops.

I can't wait for the app that transmits smell- the nose on this bag was crazy! The dank went right through the ziplock bag and the vacuum seal on the orders is mandatory with MK Ultra.

If you're looking to buy a super heavy indica, then buy this great batch of MK Ultra at Cheeba's.

When smoked at home on a couch, this strain will reduce anxiety as a heavy relaxing stone washes over your body and mind.

Potency 21% THC. HEAVY
Strain Type Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Smell Earthy, dank, pungent
Helps Physical pain, anxiety, depression

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