• MK Ultra Indica

MK Ultra Indica


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Heavy MKU For Sale Online in Canada

Great yield of super potent Indica- 21% THC

Everyone will know you're stoned when you smoke this. Fair warning to those who get paranoid when they smoke. If you're out in public after smoking a joint of this stuff- yes, everyone sees you and knows you're high. And why do you keep moving your hands so much?

MK Ultra is a name that growers use to call miscellaneous stuff. It's a good code word and sounds cool. But that cheapens a legit strain. One of those red-eyed dopey-ass, goofy smokes that gives a classic STONED high that's perfect for a movie.This batch we received is beautiful, dark purples, greens, and orange hairs are covered in frosting.

Small buds for the most part; which I think is better, there's less stem, more flower tops.

I can't wait for the app that transmits smell- the nose on this bag was crazy! The dank went right through the ziplock bag and the vacuum seal on the orders is mandatory with MK Ultra.

If you're looking to buy a super heavy indica, then buy this great batch of MK Ultra at Cheeba's.

When smoked at home on a couch, this strain will reduce anxiety as a heavy relaxing stone washes over your body and mind.







Effects: Happy


Cevr2019-04-22 01:23:02

Another great batch no bs this stuff is awesome.

Ronn2019-04-16 03:35:57

A nice taste with a powerful high. 2 joint coma..... enjoy!

PTSD Charlie2019-04-15 07:43:11

Good strain and even better price! You can not go wrong with MKU.

Tony d2019-03-25 06:25:51

One of my favs pretty dry lil harsh on lungs but for the price during the 3/20 sale who can complain great taste and buds are real nice looking

Supernatural19712019-03-14 01:31:03

Agree with King Kong king of the Weed jungle. I like it even better then g13 get @ least a quarter. Indica lovers dream! I have knot had MK ultra higher then 18% THC b4 this gem believe this 21%! MK here stands for Marijuana Kings...Ultra how smooth the smoke at this potency is! Looks 8 taste 9 effects 10 Like to have some shake turned bubble hash from this. as all leaves are snow covered mmm. Tru MK Ultra here! Nice compact small buds yet caked so u get more to smoke! Recommend! 5*+ AAA

Susan G2019-03-14 01:30:48

Nice large buds, relaxing high. I like using at night.

MuadDib2019-03-14 01:28:50

Pur MK Ultra fidèle a soi-même , excellent buz 8/10, mais ne dure pas. Ilk faut ré-allumer 30 mn plus tard. Belle texture résineuse et savoureuse a souhait pour la vape. Mets en appétit, munchies activés, te colle au divan.

Kingkong 2019-02-16 03:28:15

For the price this is a heavy hitter and a knockout . After one rip on a bowl it went straight to my head and the 4 that followed after had me couch locked all night. Will definitely order again. Flavour profile is spot on a little on the skunky side with sweet and fruity under tones. The description has it bang on. As soon as i opened the vac pack my whole house smelled the smell of the sweet sweet bud. Soild flowers people

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