Payment Options

We are accepting E-Transfers. Unfortunately we can no longer accept credit cards. Some Jerks in Montreal used stolen cc info and it ruined it for the rest of us.



if either of the earlier addresses are saved in your online banking, you can continue to use them. If this is your first order, please send to the meds email, thanks!

Please send an etranfer to or to the older email address at cheebasupplements@gmail.comBoth will work, we just don't put all our eggs in 1 basket

Use the question "what's my fav colour? green' or something with the answer you fill in your account

Please do not send an eTransfer to! If you have that address saved in your banking, please switch it to the one above. It's a hassle for everyone

Shipping is $18.50 flat rate.

Why E-Transfer?

1. Zero Third Party Involvement

        You and us, us and you, that’s all there is to it! Having zero third party involvement means less potential for issues surrounding payment failure. There are no additional fees, and again; privacy!

2.  Instant Verification 

        You know exactly when money leaves your account. There are no delays due to processing! Bottom line is that you get more agency over your money! 

3. Error Prevention

        We match ID, name on shipping address, and E-Transfer account to make sure that every order we ship gets to the correct location every time!