Man’s best friend and our fluffy companions. Not sure about you, but there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets. They deserve all the love and care in this world. Here at Cheeba’s, we’re just as much pet people as you are. If you're here, we’re willing to bet you’re looking for CBD for dogs, cats, or other pets. That or you heard about pet CBD and are curious about what it can do for your fluffy best friend. CBD can provide a much-needed relief from pain, anxiety, seizures, and can be used to stimulate your pet’s appetite.

So what is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is an active compound found in both cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is a cannabinoid which is a group of active compounds found in both cannabis and hemp plants. This cannabinoids have very different effects and uses. CBD which is the one we’re focused on has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. One of the other cannabinoids is THC, which is the compound that induces a psychoactive high. CBD does not contain any THC and will NOT get the user (or pet) high. The product most commonly purchased for pets is CBD oil. The CBD in the oil is extracted out of either cannabis or hemp plants and only contains CBD. The oil usually comes in a tincture with a dropper. Either put a few drops under your pet’s tongue or drop it on their food and they’re good to go. If your pet suffers from anxiety and hates being alone this will be a lifesaver.

Our own shop dogs have CBD twice a day and it’s made a world of difference. So whether it’s CBD for dogs, cats, or hamsters, Cheebas has everything you need to keep your furry friend healthy and happy!

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