• Pink Diablo

Pink Diablo


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Crazy Potent New Hybrid @ 24% THC

Try Pink Diablo for a soaring head high and good times


Now this stuff is sticky. Packing up the bags required multiple sets of rubber gloves...you'll know it when you roll one up!


There is so much sugar on this harvest, the grower really hit a home-run with this one.

The Indica dominant hybrid really has a strong sativa streak. There's not really couch lock, although you might get too fried to move...

If you want to buy a potent new BC bud, then Pink Diablo is for you.





Xander2018-12-18 04:15:25

Ahhh yeaaaah booooy! These dank nugs do not disappoint from their smell to their smoke, the devil knows how to party.

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