Purple Space Cookies


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Product Description

PSC is a slightly more indica leaning version of Space Cookies. A BC Bud specialty, Space Cookies is a great, social stone :)

This Purple Space Cookies is much of the same, only a bit more of an internal head high.


It is a bit stronger, but leans more to the indica side. Best used for early evening hangouts and decompression joints after work


Straight from the Karma Cup in Toronto, Space Cookies is here at Cheeba's!


A good sativa leaning hybrid that's a smooth ride. Not to baked-out-of-your-mind, this strain is great for the daytime smoker who still needs to function. A clear headed smoke.



After a huge showing for best new Organic, Space Cookies are in demand and hard to find. Lucky for us (and you) we have limited quantities of this great new strain ready to ship.



Great for stress, anxiety, depression. Legit body high to relax muscles and reduce nausea.



This beautiful relative of a new classic, Girl Scout Cookies, is a real show-stopper. With a smooth, yet full finish, the first puff points you in the right direction. Quickly you’ll feel yourself elevating to a euphoric state, very happy and relaxing physically.



Space Cookies won't bring in the munchies, but it will definitely your meal taste that much better. I recommend this strain after a good days’ work, take it and watch a movie and look forward a good night sleep. A bit of a burnout after, but soft and gradual.


The buds have lots or purple and crystals to them. They aren't too dense, so you will get a nice amount that breaks up great for joints, or packs bowls flully so the burn is consistent.






Matthew 2019-06-14 09:14:48

Sweet and smooth taste great good high

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