Rockstar - Bluesky Organics

Rockstar - Bluesky Organics

This is a Great Batch of Rockstar! Damn! Buy it if you can!

We bought the whole harvest when we smelt the first bag- it was love at first nose!

Just the right density, soft with good recoil. The crunch is like listening to a symphony, weighing up pounds has never been more delicious. The vibrancy of the buds is screaming fresh, pinch a bud and watch it get back to form like a Terminator. A fucking Terminator, Bro! Virturally no shake and barely any popcorn- the grower hit a home-run with this harvest.

It's time to fall back in love with Rockstar again. It's been around for ages, and always a safe play when you want an energetic, cerebral high with little burnout. There are newer, sexier strains out there, but this rockstar shows us that when you treat a classic right,

Rockstar is one of the most popular strains - the high is awesome, the come down is mild, and the medicinal effects of the CBD are balanced with energetic sativa genes to give a complete experience.

The high, colour, bud size of this organic version is quite similar to the regular supply. Our 'tests'

Fully body indica with a great body high and no couch-lock

There's lots of good Rockstar on the market, but if you want a great harvest, buy this now!

A relaxed, euphoric high that lasts for long time. No burnout and the second round is just as good as the first. Come bowl 3 You’ll reach terminal velocity of stoned and won't be feelin’ no pain..

Potency Mick Jagger type high. Awesome.
Strain Type Hybrid- 75% Indica, 25% Sativa
Smell Dank! Sweet and spicy
Helps Depression and anxiety

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  • $9.50
  • 3 grams or more $9.00
  • 7 grams or more $8.50
  • 14 grams or more $8.00
  • 28 grams or more $7.50

Tags: Organic, Rockstar, indica, indica dominant hybrid, hybrid, Bluesky

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