Short Path Distillation THC Hydro

Short Path Distillation THC Hydro

Distilled THC

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Now 30% Cooler looking! Better quality syringe for easier dosing

This batch of Distilled tips the scales at a hearty 95% THC! You can see in colour is even more clear than the last round! The high feels the same as always, crazy clear and potent!

The syringe is different, FYI...we asked about it and they said they opted for a slimmer container, but made of a more stick-free type of plastic.

PRO TIP: RUN THE FULL SYRINGE- WITH CAP ON- UNDER WARM WATER FOR A MINUTE. This will warm up the THC evenly and allow you to smoothly push out the liquid gold...

The metal tips are no longer offered- they don't work on the new syringe :(

Welcome to the future of high science. This versatile liquid can be taken orally, used in cooing, or smoked with it's built in metal tip- very cool!

The displayed cap comes as an attachment and you can squeeze out a drop as pictured, light it with a regular lighter and smoke the vapor like a hot knife! The smoke isn't even harsh, as this stuff is 96% pure THC. That's right, 96%.

Short Path Distillation is a process which creates a clear distillate containing THC and CBD through heating and pressure. The distillation happens when the terpenes are separated from the cannabinoids which can then be reintroduced at a later time of the THC distillation process.

The distilled total cannabinoid potency can go above 99%. Most hydrocarbon or CO2-extracted concentrates range between 65% and 80%



Kingkong 2019-04-05 10:50:44

Awesome by itself out of a shatter bong, it will take you to outer space and you'll land on the moon. If your feeling a little adventurous warm it up a little and soak a nug of a good flower and roll in kief or even better the electric sift hash and rinse and repeat untill you have a crusty tasty Home made moon rock, which will blast you to the outer edge of the galaxy. Hint hint at you cheebas ;)

DeanW 2019-01-07 06:27:45

Very nice took a bit to figure cap out but this stuff is da bomb!! Clean smooth and hard hitting!!

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