• THC Hard Candy 40 pcs Sweettooth

THC Hard Candy 40 pcs Sweettooth


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Sweet Tooth Cannabis Infused Hard candy For Sale

Buy 40-10mg Indica candies for $31.99


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Mixed fruit

Honey Lemon


Citrus Blossom

Orange Blossom



Green Apple

Perfect for dosing, these 10mg pieces are easy to figure out what amount works for you. The high these mini Pastilles provides takes over an hour to kick in, it's mainly a body high (I found) and there's a stony, 'duh' mental state to follow.

Beautifully packaged, these edibles are classy. Buy them if you are an occasional user, 1 or 2 pieces would probably be enough.

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SmokieDaBomb2019-03-14 01:33:58

These are awesome. 10mg is easy for dosing and finding individual tolerances. 3 of these and I'm very relaxed. Nice product and quantity for the price.

Becca2019-02-25 01:31:19

The pink grapefruit flavour tastes amazing. Taking one helped me sleep, and I usually have a hard time even with melatonin.

Gizmo2019-01-21 06:57:40

Not the best in terms of taste...but the high is there...it's also cube shaped so you can't swallow easily

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