THC Honey Straws 50mg 5ml

THC Honey Straws 50mg 5ml


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Product Description

Item is 1 honey straw per order

Great size for a medium punch dose!

50mg of distilled THC per 5ml straw


The Original Honey Stix brand medicated treats :)

Made with BC unpasteurized wildflower honey and Delta 9 THC Clear Distillate

The distilled THC is an ultra clear and uplifting concentrate that's going to let you carry about your day...assuming you don't take all of it! Note that these are 50mg per straw, not 25mg like you see elsewhere. Just sayin'










Czarina Athron 2019-01-09 06:59:13

Hey, so this is awesome but it does not come in a pack of 8! It is only 1 stick with 5ml in it. (I know it states it’s 5ml but I thought because of the picture it was 8 sticks of 5ml liquid) so for 9.99$ your only getting one stick of honey

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