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What are topicals? Topicals are products like cannabis cream, patches, or oil that are absorbed through the skin to provide relief to a myriad of issues. From pain, soreness, itchiness, to relief from inflammation, topicals can be infused with cannabis along with other medicinal ingredients to treat all of these issues. Topicals work transdermally through the skin, and because of that are non-intoxicating. Patients typically use topicals for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. The most typical issues being pain relief, muscle soreness, tension, and inflammation, but anecdotal evidence is beginning to show a widening spectrum of potential benefits, from psoriasis and dermatitis to headaches and cramping.

Why through the skin? Unlike other traditional delivery methods, topicals typically do not get the patient high. This amazing development in cannabis consumption allows patients who would previously be unable to use the therapeutic benefits of cannabis to do so. With most topicals, the cannabinoids are unable to reach the bloodstream and can only reach the CB2 receptors found in our skin. This means all of the benefits without the unwanted cerebral intoxication. The only exception to this is very high dosage THC transdermal patches which can induce some euphoria although it is far less intense than consuming an equal amount through smoking or ingestion.  

Whether you’re looking for CBD creams, oils, lotions, or transdermal CBD patches, our collection of infused topicals will have everything you’re after and more!

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