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Tuna Timewarp


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I like to maintain product control the good old fashioned way- testing. I came across the tuna bin and noticed it hasn't moved like it should.

I packed a bowl of this shit and got my episode of PTI ready to go. 21 minutes later i realize i've had a conversation with myself for that whole time. Had i not snapped out of it; all the worlds problems would surely have been solved.

So I put those two whiny old men on pause and decided to actually make good use of the testing session. 'To give a shiny review will increase sales'

I open the page and see and lame ass cut/copy/paste job of Black Ice.Shame. SHAME!

So now we're here; if you're still with me then you know what a good time warp will do to ya...

This Tuna is a great heavy indica hybrid that causes easy giggle fits, helps to forget about a long day, and just have a good time

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Skakidd2019-01-15 11:45:22

It took a while for the flavour to become nice but this is a very oddly satisfying savoury full bodied tasty strain. I couldnt imagine getting these flavours from smoking a flower. The high sucked me in to a powerful mellow but if interrupted i was ready to go. Not too cerebral (nice) 8/10 would recommend.

Benjamin2018-12-19 05:38:28

Very good ,very tasty kush. Package arrived labled tuna kush ?? Whatever. .. Tastes like really kushy floor cleaner, not in a bad way. It's pretty decent, although the ashes are still grey. This is my favorite weed strain from cheebas so far.

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