Updated- The Indica ComboPack- MORE HASH!

-31% Updated- The Indica ComboPack- MORE HASH!

ALL INDICA QUARTERPACK with three 1/4 oz (7 gram) packs of premium quality marijuana and one gram of real Moroccan Hash. If you've tried to buy cheap weed before, then you know know that you get what you pay for. The best way to save big on buying marijuana online is to buy in bulk. At Cheeba's. 

Packed with all new fresh packs!

7 grams of Black ice                                     $70 reg price

7 grams of Death Bubba                             $70 reg price

7 grams of Rockstar                                     $63 reg price

3 gram Moroccan Blonde Hash                 $54 reg price

We don't bother selling crappy weed. There's enough high end stuff out West for the whole planet to smoke, so why not send it across Canada?

Each strain has been tested my Cheeba himself, and everything has passed the test. The Indica Quarterpack for September features 3 strains that show the range of effects indicas have to offer.We don't bother with the grading system- people seem to have different arbitrary definitions of terms, and we aren't into that. Trust us, it's all good :)

Strains, in order of most functional to zonked:

Chemo is a physically mellow, yet active head high

Hailey's Comet has a high CBD to THC ratio. 9% CBD and 4% THC. Great for medical users. There's still a psychoactive high, but the CBD is the prized aspect of this bud. She may not look like much, but she hits crazy high notes- just like Susan Boyle.

Comatose is as advertised. If you have pain and sleeping is difficult for you, end the evening off with this sucker. Super potent and has left testers melted to various pieces of furniture.

And some Hash. These days people look past it, but hash is a classic for a reason. Arguably the best body high cannabis has to offer, Moroccan Hash is ideal for those people wanting a heavy Indica for physical pain relief. You'll love it. Turn on Pink Floyd, mix some in a joint, and enjoy!

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