•  CBD Variety Pack 9 gummies 25/mg CBD/gummy

CBD Variety Pack 9 gummies 25/mg CBD/gummy


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Try all 9 flavours from Herbivores Edibles!

These gummies are the most popular edibles we've ever carried- they fly off the shelves everyday.

Try the whole line up and find your favourite!


Fuzzy Peaches

Sour Keys

Coke Colas

Grape sours








25mg is a perfect dosage for the experienced user...if you're new to edibles, be careful with these...not for rookies








Larissa 2019-01-19 10:48:54

The packs do not state CBD only, nor indicate concentration of cbd per gummy or otherwise. I ate one and there's GOT to be THC in them! Good thing I tried them before giving to Grandpa for his arthritis.

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