Variety Pack THC 25mg/Gummie (11) Herbivore

Variety Pack THC 25mg/Gummie (11) Herbivore


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Try all 9 flavours from Herbivores Edibles!

These gummies are the most popular edibles we've ever carried- they fly off the shelves everyday.

Try the whole line up and find your favourite!


Fuzzy Peaches

Sour Keys

Coke Colas

Grape sours








25mg is a perfect dosage for the experienced user...if you're new to edibles, be careful with these...not for rookies









Amanda 2019-08-12 08:49:44

These were great but a bit inconsistent. I usually found them quite potent, had to cut them into smaller pieces, definitely couldn't eat a whole candy! Then a couple times I didn't seem to get much from it. Really good high if you can get the right dose though.

Dunny 2019-08-04 03:10:36

I've had these before, they seemed fine. But, for whatever reason, this pack of 11 had no punch at all. 25 mg is normally lots for me, but these did absolutely nothing. Not sure what happened. All that said, at least they tasted good!

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