Zed - Indica

Zed - Indica

Zed Indica Weed for sale

21% THC on this creeper weed

Indica = In Da Couch!

Zed is all Indica and you'll know it about 15 minutes after you smoke it. There's a bit of a time delay, so don't go loading up another bowl thinking you need it. You probably don't.

Zed is a great therapeutic Indica- sore muscles or stressed mind, this is a night time smoke to help you get some sleep. The burnout is gradual, as this sedative high can last for hours.

Dense nugs covered in orange hairs and a coating of trichomes- a great batch at a great price! buy in bulk if you want to buy good BC Bud for cheap online in Canada.

Potency 21%
Strain Type 100% Indica
Smell Earthy, woody, Pine
Helps Chronic Pain, loss of appetite, stress, anxiety

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