Remedyz- Sour Patch Kids 400mg THC

Remedyz- Sour Patch Kids 400mg THC


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Product Description

THC distillate sour kids 400mg THC per pack



Kingkong 2019-03-21 07:47:49

These are awesome. Taste just like store bought sourpatch kids can barely tell that they are a medibles. They dont leave a bad after taste like other candies I've had. Came with about 40 In the pack so dosing is easy. Will definitely re-order. As with all edibles start with one and work your way up as a little does go along way if you let it kick In first. Good body high with a little bit of a head high, great for movies/gaming but will put you to sleep after 4 hours(for me atleast) and you'll sleep solid. As always with edibles be responsible Nd keep them way out of reach of kids ! Enjoy!!!!

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