ID Verification; why?

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Is there insurance if my order gets seized?

What marijuana is best for daytime smoking?

I'm scared to smoke weed, it makes me paranoid. So how can I use it as a medicinal product?

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Can I buy weed online?

What's the deal with the order status?

Now we understand that this can be a point of contention and is a sensitive area. We want you to know that here at Cheeba’s, we take this just as serious as you do. The privacy of our clients has always been, and will continue to be our first priority. We want to foster a relationship with each of our clients, based on trust and confidence.


Under no circumstance, will we distribute, or give up any of your personal information. This includes law enforcement, other businesses, or any other third party.  


Fraud isn’t the only reason we require ID. Here at Cheeba’s we have a passion for marijuana. For both its healing and recreational applications, and the amazing global community it’s created. That being said, something we don’t support is use by minors. Having ID verification allows us to monitor and prevent those sales from happening.


Sharing personal information should never be taken lightly. Know that we feel the same way, and are committed to your personal security.