Darth Vader OG  Indica

Darth Vader OG Indica


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Product Description

Forget the dark side, get on the high side! 23% THC with a clear, awesome high!

You'll rock any seasoned smoker with Darth Vader, from the look, to the smell and high, it's a strain to impress!

Again, here's a baked reflection on it:

What a beauty strain this is! The look alone sold me- when the bag was dropped on my desk, I knew it was going to be a good Tuesday. Not to make you jealous, but this was a fine afternoon.

After the days orders went out, I loaded a bowl of this black magic. The look and smell of the bud will tell you instantly you made a good choice.

I was expecting a heavy indica to lock me in for the night, but this strain was surprisingly mentally motivating. I was clear headed- yet very stoned- while being able to function and think creatively.

A very happy stone, one I would take with me to a Snoop Dogg party…ain’t no one going to be disappointed with Darth Vader!




Matthew 2019-06-14 09:14:43

Heavy hitter great before bed unless you pass out in the lazy boy like I did lol.. would highly recommend giving this one a try

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