• Pinks  Sativa Hybrid

Pinks Sativa Hybrid


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Try Pinks if you are looking for a new Sativa that's full of energy.


This batch looks a bit burnt, but the smoke is first class :)

This is a rare strain you aren’t likely to get a good description from Leafly. It's true that often sellers (even growers) aren’t exactly sure what they’re growing. Sometimes this is because they are doing their own breeding in-house; and have created a new strain in it’s infancy.

That’s what you got here. The grower of this strain has decades of experience and various awards for strains over there years (recently, 2016 Cannabis Cup in Toronto- CBD3/ Hailey’s Comet for Top Hybrid Organic.

The best you can hopeful in an explanation is someone who’s smoked it that you trust. If you’re a returning customer, then you know it when I say it’s very similar to God’s Pink Crack...now get your mind out of the gutter!. Great Sativa Hybrid with layers, I had different highs with it based on what I used. The bong hit like a 20lbs sledgehammer, where the pipe and joints had an easier climb.

It’s the most expensive flower we have in stock. We pay it because this guy knows what he’s doing. Great motivated daytime smoke- like you’re smoking Tony Robbins.

Buy Pinks from Cheeba's online in Canda for the best quality BC Bud you can buy. Cheeba's is the best online dispensary in Canada as voted by us :)





DeanW2018-12-30 12:30:12

Very nice , burns nice, great high, ordered more I like it so much!

Phil2018-12-15 12:21:45

Very Nice weed end tasty weed.

Ashley2018-12-14 11:03:40

I would certainly buy this again. An all around good smoke with a nice flavour. Is it the best I have ever smoked? No, but I enjoy it and would indulge again in a heartbeat!

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