About Us: Cheebas Online Marijuana Dispensary

We have developed relationships and partnerships with some of the best providers of high-quality BC Bud and marijuana products. This allows us to get access to the latest pot crop harvests, newest cannabis products, and a constantly changing inventory to satisfy all of your ganga cravings.
Canadian marijuana laws are constantly evolving, a little too slowly for our liking, but eh, 

at least they are moving in the right direction. It’s only a matter of time when in Canada it’ll be legal to buy marijuana weed and other cannabis products for both medical and recreational use... yes, and about time, we say! To facilitate the opening of the Canadian cannabis industry, Cheeba’s has developed an online ordering system that is geared towards providing client confidentially and discretion, and is easy to use.

How to Order/Purchase Marijuana from Cheeba’s Mail-Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary:
*create an account (p
lease provide real info as false info will make verification harder)
*provide valid, legal ID for verification (we don’t sell to anyone under 19)
*place your order (orders are shipped with 24-hrs of placement)
*provide payment via e-transfer (credit cards not accepted)
*check your email for tracking info (check spam folder)
*receive your order (and prepare to fly high)

To show how much we care about our clients, we don’t chintz-out on anything. We like to weigh heavy when packing orders so you get a little bit more and sometimes throw in freebies just to show our appreciation.  And if an order does go ‘missing’ somewhere along the delivery chain, we’ll refill and reship it at no extra charge!
Why do we do such things? Because, most of our staff are pot-lovers too who have experienced the ups and downs of buying weed... we learned from our own experiences and want to make the buying weed process stress-free,enjoyable,  and fun for you.  BTW, we like to test the products ourselves and so when we offer product advice it’s based on our own user-experience, feedback from clients, and information provided by the producer... so yes, we know our ganga well!  

We test sample our cannabis products whether they be different strains, edibles, cbds, topicals, vapes, or concentrates and if we don’t like them or feel like they deliver the kind of benefits we expect... we don’t sell them.  At Cheeba’s our goal is to deliver the best weed products at a good price in a timely fashion with as little stress as possible.
We’re only happy, if you’re happy!