Buy Sativa Online

Buy Sativa Online

The plant is characterized by being tall and lanky. They are not the easiest strains to grow and they take longer to flower, which is why growers often have more Indica in their rotation. These plants will have longer, thinner leaves than their Indica cousins. These taller trees can grow up to 20ft outdoors. 

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Citrus Haze

A Sativa Dominant hybrid that's great for a workable buzz. Delicious medium strength daytime smokeI..

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Moby Dick - Sativa

We Caught a Great Sativa For You to Smoke!Moby Dick is a Whale of a Good Time!A cross between the p..

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Purple Haze

Not Just an amazing Hendrix song, Purple Haze is legit smoke!This Sativa gives a happy and euphoric..

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Shishkaberry - Indica

Buy Shishkaberry and Melt Like Wax!The Best Strain for RelaxationGood thing this strain is spelt f..

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Sour Power - Sativa Hybrid

Buy Sour Power at Cheeba's!A new hybrid with more of a smooth sativa effect, Sour Power is wining e..

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God's Green Crack Ultra

God's Green Crack Sativa hybrid for sale at Cheeba's! This strain has been worked on for countless h..

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Pinks! - Sativa Hybrid

Try Pinks if you are looking for a new Sativa that's full of energy. This batch looks a bit burnt, ..

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Grape God - Sativa Hybrid

Grape God Bud For Sale OnlineBuy This Strain for Relaxation of Mind and bodyGrape God is a hybrid st..

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Jack Frost - 23%

The cousin of Jack Herer who never got his life togetherProlly cause he kept smoking this shit This..

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Sour Diesel

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Citrus Skunk

A Potent 25% THC Sativa that's great for a workable buzz. Medium-strong strength daytime smokeHere'..

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Ice Wreck Sativa Hybrid

New Sativa Hybrid Weed for sale in Canada - Ice WreckCheeba's is proud to carry this instant classic..

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Jack Herer

Sativa with a good clear head rushGood for morning smokingHaze x Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk20..

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SourTangerine - Sativa

Try Orange Tangerine for a Medicinal Daytime Smoke Buy Sativa Medicinal Marijuana Online in CanadaT..

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Love Potion #1- Sativa

Get the Energy to Get Busy with Love Potion #1Buy A Motivated Sativa for Daytime Smoking!A cross be..

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Sativa Weed Information

Ready to buy Sativa Marijuana from Cheebas?

Learn if this strain is right for you. They are more difficult to come across and in demand more than indica. Dispensaries will usually have 2:1 indica to Sativa ratio. The guy on the street will be lucky to have a real Sativa on hand. Daily users want to be able to smoke during the day without a burnout. If you smoke during the day, you need to buy Sativas.

Effects of Sativa Weed Energetic and uplifting Cerebral, hallucinogenic, euphoric Daytime use, low burnout Sativas generally have a higher THC than CBD. THC is the chemical compound found in dried Marijuana that is psychoactive. As CBD is what soothes the body, it is responsible or the ‘down’ or burnout you feel after the weed wears off. Sativas are great for people with ADD, depression, chronic pain and appetite disorders.

Most Sativas on the market now are hybriads. That means the parents of the particular plant (the female plant she was cut from had a male father who pollinated the mother and gave the next generation plant its own set of characteristics). Most ‘Sativa hybrids’ will have a lineage that gets very confusing, inevitably there was an indica in the family tree somewhere. It’s common to see 80% Sativa, 60% Sativa – any percentage is possible with the rapid expansion of new strains.