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Marijuana Edibles

Commonly referred to as "rockets" by Cheebas’ staff, edibles are just that, a one-way ticket to personally see Elon Musk’s Mars settlement. Without proper care, these things can and will send you into orbit. 

So why are edibles so much stronger than weed? The difference comes from the two different ways THC is taken into the body. When smoking, THC is broken down, absorbed, and enters the bloodstream through the lungs. When consuming edibles THC is broken down and enters the bloodstream through the liver. This subtle difference has a huge effect on the type of high you feel when eating an edible. Eating THC is 5 times stronger than smoking it! Which is why we call edibles, rocket ships.

Now be careful friends, edibles take half an hour to an hour and a half to kick in so be patien (sometimes even longer) start slow and lowt! Whether you’re looking for a smaller THC dosage and you’re a first-time edible taker or you want something that will send you to the outer reaches of the solar system, Cheebas is your spot to buy edibles online Canada. We carry every type of edible you can think of, from gummies to cookies, to oil, to chocolate bars!

Want it? We got it! Cheebas is your plug to buy edibles online in Canada! 

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