Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Edibles

Your body can process marijuana through the digestion system by eating weed edibles, but this takes way longer for the THC and CBD to take effect, but the high lasts much longer and can be more intense than smoking. While that sounds awesome, it’s very easy to over-medicate and spend the next 4 hours with a spinning head. 

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Buzzy Peaches 25mg THC/candy

Delicious and perfectly potent edibles- Fuzzy peaches!6 Candies per pack 150mg THC total Herbivores ..


Candy Colas 25mg THC/candy

Delicious and perfectly potent edibles- Fuzzy peaches!6 Candies per pack 150mg THC total Herbivores ..


Key Sours 25mg THC/candy

Delicious and perfectly potent edibles- Fuzzy peaches!6 Candies per pack 150mg THC total Herbivores ..


NutriGreen THC Bars

it's the perfect snack for the health conscious stoner!150mg THC per barEnjoy a cereal bar that isn'..


Racers- Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut Butter + Chocolate + THC?!?50mg THC per Cup- Just as Delicious as the boring kindWhat more do..


Short Path Distillation THC

Cheeba's is proud to offer Short Path Distilled THC! This batch of Distilled tips the scales at a h..

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Sneakers - THC Chocolate Bar

Sneakers..for sneaking! Buy a Delicious and medium-strong potent chocolate bar made with THC. Exotic..


Swix - THC Chocolate Bar

Twix bars are good, these things are great! Who doesn't love nougat and weed rolled up together???If..


THC Gummies - indica 3x Strength

That's right, 30mg THC per gummy!Only for the experienced user, these things are strong!$4/candy/dos..


THC Hard Candy- 40 pcs

Sweet Tooth Cannabis Infused Hard candy For SaleBuy 40-10mg Indica candies for $24.99. Request your ..


Jimi Jubes- 10 x 25mg

Cheeba's is your place for Seven Sisters Jimi Jubes!Great Value at $2.25/edible Soft, chewy, a..


Pot Brownie - Gluten Free

Pot Brownies for sale onlineBuy gluten free pot brownies at Cheeba'sThis brownie has 80mg of THC, a ..


Weed Brownie- 80mg THC

Weed Brownies for Sale Online in CanadaBuy a Potent Brownie that will floor you!This is a 2 serving ..


CBD Gummies 10 Pack

CBD Gummies for Sale OnlineBuy 10x 10mg CBD Edibles at Cheeba'sMedical marijuana users love CBD edib..


CBD Tincture

CBD Tinctures Provide Medicinal Benefits Smoke FreeThis tincture is hard to come by and worth the pr..


Edible Marijuana Information

Edibles come in every form possible. Weed pasta? They got that. Weed cookies, pot brownies, Nanaimo bars? Been around for ages. Hard candy and gummy bears? Yep, and they’re delicious. 

The principle of making marijuana edibles is the same; mix the dried cannabis/concentrate with butter or oil, then use that butter/oil for cooking. It’s that simple. There are a few different ways to prepare the cannabis, and the recipe only have to include butter or oil. So the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 

The key to success at edibles is masking the bank taste of cannabis flower, and making consistent doses per portion. 

That taste. There’s no denying it. It’s awful. But it also serves a purpose. If you are eating a brownie that doesn’t taste like weed at all, you may think it’s weak. As the high takes at least an hour to kick in, you may eat too much. We’ve been there and done that. There’s a balance a baker must find between taste and flavour. The edible must be enjoyable to eat, but there still should have a faint hint of weed. 

It’s up to the recipe to make sure the taste is palatable. Nuts, sugar and chocolate are all great for hiding the dankness amongst flavour. Finding the edible that tastes great to you is a matter of preference and trial and error. 

As far as the potency is concerned, that’s up to the butter. There are several ways to fuse cannabis with butter or oil, and each process follows the same principles of heat, mixing, time and separation. What the baker must be concerned with is the standardization of the process. Being able to accurately weigh the amount of medicine in each portion is crucial to patient safety. 

Uneven doses between portions will leave the user without a baseline to safely ingest the cannabis edibles. If 1 brownie didn’t work the first time, they might try 2 the next. If the second batch is far more potent, that person is in for a rough ride. 

Safely Buy Pot Edibles from Cheeba’s

At Cheeba’s, we get all our edibles from reputable manufacturers who have learnt how to evenly produce marijuana edibles that are consistently potent and delicious.